5 January 2018

STUDY WITH ME // Videos For Motivation

Hey everyone!!

Over the past couple of weeks I've been focusing a lot on my YouTube channel as opposed to my blog as I feel like there is perhaps a greater market for me there! But my blog is a huge part of what I love so I have decided to share a few of the videos I have been making!

// Jeani

23 December 2017

How Long Should You Be Revising For?

Hey everyone!!

I found that the questions I am asked most are "how long should I revise for each night" and "when should I start revising?". In this video I answer both those questions!!!

In summary: Start revising NOW!!!! It's never too early to start revision, so come up with a timetable and get going!!!

// Jeani :)

20 December 2017

Study with me CHRISTMAS! // Revision during the holidays

Hello everyone!!

Today I had a huge day of revision, so I filmed it and created my first ever STUDY WITH ME vlog! Btw, I’m super proud of this thumbnail.

Watch the the video for some tips and tricks on how to revise during the holidays and hopefully your motivation will go up!

// Jeani

18 December 2017

how to tidy any space in under THIRTY minutes!! // SATISFYING time lapse + TOP TIPS

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long; I've been swamped in A Level work!!!!

Today I had to tidy my room and to make this feel a little more bearable I decided to make it into a YouTube video!

Please enjoy, I have compressed the information below the video if you don't feel like watching it!

- Split up your room into different sections that need tidying to make it seem less daunting
- Split each section into subsections for the same reason e.g. split the floor into squares that you are going to clear up at a time
- Put on some cool music and have fun while you clear!!!
- Don't just hide your stuff and call it tidying, find the permanent spot for each object as you go

// Jeani

2 November 2017

Why Tess of the D'Urbervilles is a feminist novel // Put on Paper

Hello everyone!

Over the last several months I have been reading one of the most talked about pieces of feminist literature from the Victorian era. Admittedly, it has taken me a long time to finish this masterpiece but it was so worth the wait.

I spent the entirety of this novel with my heart throbbing in my chest as Hardy depicted the horrific lives of women in the 1800s with such honest brutality. I have been dying to write this blog post to explore my thoughts on this book which is so arguably relevant today, especially during this week's light on sexual harassment.
Spent the entire book wondering why it has stonehenge on the front, now I understand
Alec D'Urberville, the villain of the tale, is a symbol of Victorian attitudes towards women. His persistent attitude towards Tess leaves her terrified. In the beginning, he forces her to kiss him after her refusing and making it very clear that "I don't want anybody to kiss me" then continues to stalk her, then rapes her, and then four years later he begins to stalk her again. In a society where persistence for a woman one loves was romantic, Hardy's depiction of Alec D'Urberville as sleazy and untrustworthy was out of place, but one that any woman would have been able to relate to then and can relate to now. Hardy makes it very clear that men like Alec D'Urberville were not rare, as he constructs other characters who heckle her due to the "attention she excited by her appearance" which resulted in "rude words" being "addressed to her more than once". To highlight the severity of these comments, Hardy had Tess dress in "one of the oldest field gowns" as she "nipped off her eyebrows" to make herself look ugly to escape from the harassment.  A woman's worth in the 1800s was her beauty and for Tess to give it up out of desperation would have shocked many and invoked their sympathy.
Lake District courtesy @anjibabes instagram
Furthermore, Hardy brought light to the misery of 'fallen women' in the late 18th century. He emphasizes the unjust consequences of Tess' "relationship" with Alec D'Urberville through irony: Angel Clare reveals to Tess on the night of their marriage that before her he "plunged into eight and forty hours' dissipation with stranger", a voluntary act which probably left that woman in the same horrific state Tess had been in. This gives Tess the confidence to tell him of her past in the hope that he would forgive her as she forgave him, but after "her narrative ended" he claims that "you were one person; now you are another".  Hardy had spent the chapters previously building up to this moment with them falling in love and Tess holding back the wedding, desperate to tell him her story, the reader praying that Angel would forgive her and love her still, just to completely decimate any hopes at all with Angel Clare's "horrible laughter". The reader empathises with Tess as she "shrieked 'O have mercy upon me". The pain Clare puts her through in his dismissal of her is so heart wrenching for the reader. I just sat and cried. Any modern reader would be disgusted when he claims that Alec is her "husband in nature" as justification but then women had less or no sexual liberation and the fact that Tess was raped and forced into that situation would not have crossed his mind.

After this, Angel flits off to Brazil, leaving her to be with her family. After running out of money, she goes to find work at Flintcomb-Ash farm. Hardy uses pathetic fallacy throughout the chapters where she works here to reflect Tess' state of mind. The imagery of the farm focuses on the "desolate drab" colour of the fields and the "white vacuity" of the sky.  Even the farms title "Ash" implies death and misery. The lifeless, colourless state of the farm mirrors Tess' emotions with her husband gone.  Hardy builds up tension to the point of Tess' wedding day and then sends floods of tumultuous emotion through the reader to mirror the chaos of Tess' life and then all of a sudden, she is left with nothing. She has no home, her family is dying and her husband who she loves so much has left her and she believes that he hates her. She is lifeless, she has been run dry completely . This reflects the lives of 'fallen' women of this period: they are left with nothing as society deserts them. Throughout the novel nature is used to reflect Tess' gruesome, despondent story: for example Hardy emphasizes from the beginning of the novel that this story is going to be violent and miserable through the death of the family horse who Tess believes she "killed".  Furthermore, the incident with the pheasants and their "rich plumage dabbled with blood" creates a gruesome and painful image which does not simply distract from Tess' story and her pain but reflects it and foreshadows her own gruesome end.

Moreover, another example of the consequences Tess faces due to Alec D'Urberville is her baby.  A pregnant, unmarried girl in that era would have been disgraced by society but Tess' baby's fate is so much worse. Hardy creates a beautiful scene with the "little ones kneeling round" as Tess' attempts to baptise her baby. The imagery of Tess with her "face a glowing irradiation" and "red spot in the middle of each cheek", "eye-pupils shone like diamond" creates this image of an angel, a "divine" being, which justifies completely that this is holy and Christian and real, despite the absence of a pastor; this detail seems irrelevant to the reader. However, this only makes it all the more painful when the child is laid to rest with the "drunkards, suicides, and others of the conjecturally damned", as a result of the sin of Alec D'Urberville.

Can we say Tess of the D'Urbervilles is a feminist novel? Clearly Hardy set out to highlight the cruelty in the structure of society at this time through this heart-breaking tale, but still he colludes to some of the conventions through the romanticism of the idea of Tess' being Angel's "property" for example. However, Tess' story clearly defines many issues women faced and still face today. It would be so simple to replicate this in a modern setting as for many women the conditions are the same and the societal backlash would not be much different. How we can be 100 years later and this is the case is beyond me.

Perhaps we need another Thomas Hardy to remind us.

// Jeani

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27 October 2017

How To Revise Using Mind Maps // Ace Your Mocks

Hey everyone!

In a few weeks, year 11 mocks are coming up, which I'm sure is scary for many of you! Before I begin I just want to say that mocks are a chance to test yourself and while they are not something to stress over or panic about, you should utilise them to the best of your ability to show yourself how you will cope in the real exam situation.

Today I am going to focus on a small area of revision which really helped me during exams.

Mind-maps can work really well if you use them right and effectively. Below I will state the several rules of mindmapping!

1) You need to do two mind-maps

Don't hate me but this is just simple logic! You need to have an original mind-map comprised of information from your notes which refreshes your memory on the information. The second mind-map tests your memory as you blurt out the information on a much more messy mind-map. Watch this video from UnJaded Jade on 'blurting':

2) You need to use arrows

Using arrows helps you connect the information. This makes remembering the information easier in the exam as your brain makes the link between the information. 

3) Group information thematically and with colour

Again, this helps your brain connect the information together. In the above mind-map, I've grouped the information by character but it can be done by theme, date, chapter etc!

I hope this helped you with your utilisation of mind-maps! Subscribe below to get notifications on my series 'Ace Your Mocks' of which this is the first! If you subscribe you will get extra emails on tips and tricks beyond my blog posts!

// Jeani xx

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16 October 2017

The Fanatic // Poem

You clearly don’t remember, but
I recall lying on the carpet of my old room
Looking at the pictures of you like plastered paper
And I saw myself smiling back from your eyes.

I would open magazines and search every page
For your red lips and winged eyes
Then scream in excitement when I found you
Almost as if I had found myself between
 the pages of Shout Magazine.

I gave up my Christmases for you. I didn’t
Listen to ‘Jingle Bells’ but to you on repeat
On repeat, and heard you promise me
You’d always be there in my ears.

I bought my first guitar at twelve, just like you
It was beautiful – bigger than me and midnight blue
The first song I played was painful and poor
But to me it was amazing because it sounded like yours

Nothing was more painful than your betrayal.
When you saw your sales stoop slightly
I could hear your fear in the electronics
Which replaced the familiar Pennsylvanian phonics
I once loved so much.
You will never understand how it hurts
Because you’re no longer writing for me
I can no longer hear my story in your lyrics
You’re writing for the cool kids, like a 12-year-old girl
Trying to fit in like thatch in tiling.
It doesn’t make sense to me any more when I hear
The words you really want to say in the voice break
On stage, make it through, just one more page…
Bathing in the screams of those who don’t even know who you are.
Not like I do.
I was there when you were fragile, when you wrote for me
When you wrote for her and you wrote for you,
Not when you wrote because your label wants you to.
Not when you only send out flowers when you have a new release
On the way to number 1.
Were you using me like you’re using that girl you gave
Thousands of dollars to for her tuition just for the
Publicity, not for her like you’re selfless, because you’re selfish.
Does he know he’s just a ken doll in your rise to something?
Does he know you’re a spider, leeching every penny out
Of his existence, just like you did to me?
Do you even realise that I’m here? I’m one of millions
To you, there was a time when you would go into broad daylight
Just to meet me, you thought there was nothing brighter
Than the ones who dedicated their Christmases to you
Who cried over you. Now you expect it, you treat us like
We are the charms on your bracelets, or the necklace
I once wanted because you wore it that time.
I don’t even know your message anymore!
It used to be 13 ways you can love yourself
That any dreams are achievable. But you never
Told me that your daddy paid to get you where you are.
You are proof that hard work and talent means nothing.
I wonder why I wasted words on why you are more than tales
Of woe because you weren’t worth any of it. You weren’t worth me.
You called yourself a feminist icon. You said you were there
For the girls that needed you, not just the ones who want to look like you
You swore to me that I was worth more than the guy I was dating-
Maybe that’s how you became who you are now, by believing yourself
To be above everyone else. Above me. Above him. Above her.
My mother calls me cynical. But I call it common sense
She knows I’ve watched your patterns for years, I know
That when a new guy is on the scene you’re working on
something immense.
I know that when you send goody bags to fans your plan
Is to get them to buy, and their friends to buy, their girlfriend
And boyfriend and his friends to buy. When did you become
This emotionless machine, just doing it for the money?
To get another million dollars into your account of
One billion views on YouTube, which is just me cursing
Your name over and over again when you didn’t play
The songs I loved at your concert in London. Just the
Ones which reached number one but they don’t mean much
At all the ones who really love your music. They’re just echoes
Of the misery of those who don’t.
What hurt more than any of this
Was trying to catch your eye,
It meaning everything to me, then
That to you
I meant nothing at all.